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                “What’ve we said about  freezing  my
                 tea.  I   promised we  could  practice
                 after                your               lessons.”

                 ”Sorry, Miss Elphaba.” 

The princess tried her hardest to look contrite,
but  it  was difficult to hold  back  the  giggles.

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My character has been committed to an asylum. Send me ☤ for their reaction to yours visiting them.



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             F U R I O U S .  That’s the word, he’s furious.  A bucketful of cold water in the face was 
             bad enough, but to wipe the liquid from his eyes and blink into focus the young woman 
             standing just to the side of him, bucket in hands, calmly watching for his reactionThat 
             is downright insulting. 

             Turning towards her, he grits his teeth, fists clenched to the point of the knuckles turning 
             white, he sucks in a breath and considers having her arrested on the spot.  Certainly, 
             he would like to.  Nothing, at that moment, would give him greater pleasure than to see it 

             No, he would speak to her himself, though he would have her taken away, make no 
            mistake about that.  For the moment, though 

            ❝Just what, might I ask, do you think you are doing?

          ❝Emptying a bucket of water. I should have hoped that was obvious.

          Normally, Elsa would be apologising profusely, but this man… She had heard about this man. And he had gained none of her respect. And so when she found the excess snow she’d hurriedly shovelled into a bucket had melted, she took her chance. 

          Anna would be proud. 

          ❝And while I am sure your rudeness is entirely due to ignorance, might I suggest a ‘Your Majesty’ should be somewhere in any future sentences?

          Now she was pushing it, smile too sweet, eyes too cold. But there was a fierce rush of adrenaline running through her veins, one she couldn’t ignore.  

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Send my muse “Damn it, [their name]!” for their reaction.

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my writing style could best be described as “probably more commas than is entirely necessary”

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This is for the Titanic AU verse, but it can definitely apply to others!

When writing your bio/background for this verse, don’t godmod. That means taking control of another character that isn’t yours, and giving them thoughts and feelings, without asking the mun first. We’ve had an incident of this (which I wouldn’t have seen if the effected mun hadn’t made a post, since the godmodding application wasn’t tagged correctly), and guys, please don’t.

It makes people uncomfortable and it’s just not pleasant, especially if it goes against how you’d play the character, and the background you’ve already created. I’ve had people try to write Elsa for me in their replies, and it’s just really annoying. Also, actually discussing it with the mun is much more fun. When Tala and I were figuring out Elsa and Anna’s backgrounds for this, it was awesome.

But basically—please, be considerate of your fellow muns!

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"We all were that little, sweetie." Informed the queen, while Anna began to struggle against her grip. She held her little hands out to Elsa. She wanted to Elsa. "Do you want to hold her?"

"Even Papa?” Elsa asked, her face now totally disbelieving. There was no way her father was ever as little as Anna, no way… Was there? 

But then she got asked that question, and her face melted into shock instead. “Can I?” she whispered, a true whisper this time, looking between the baby reaching for her, and her mother. “Can I, Mama?”

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Moving | queen-lilian-of-arendelle + icyqueenofarendelle


Lilian squeezed Elsa’s hand lightly, to tell her that she believed in her. When they finally entered the sitting room, the queen sat down on a couch and looked down to her little girl. “Okay, what do you want to do now?”

"Um," Elsa said, looking around. She had hoped she’d get an idea by the time they’d reached the room, but nothing useful had come to her. It was too close to lunchtime for tea and biscuits, and she didn’t feel like reading a story. "It’s hard to pick something without Anna," she mumbled at last, letting the confession tumble past her lips.

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It really was very luxurious; even Anna could understand the beauty in the room. The princess had the strongest urge to plunk herself on the couches—but even she didn’t dare do such a thing until they were alone.

And then Elsa asked that question, catching Anna a little off guard. “Oh, uh, y-yes,” Anna replied, feeling all of a sudden self-conscious over her accent—she’d really been trying to get rid of it the past month since they’d gotten the tickets, “It’s very beautiful.” 

At least now the stewards would know she could actually speak English.

"Oh, look, is that a phone?” Anna said suddenly, slipping back into Norwegian accidentally, “You can have them on ships?”

Anna needn’t have been so hard on herself about her accent—she was perfectly understandable. And no doubt with her personality, it would quickly become endearing to those who spoke with her. Elsa knew that even she herself still had that tell-tale sign of a non-native speaker in her English, but she didn’t let it bother her. 

At the steward’s confused look, the Queen translated. 

"My sister was just wondering about the telephone?" she asked, giving him a warm smile. Perhaps he would be forgiving about their little back and forths. 

"Yes, ma’am, you can make calls around the ship with that," he told her, quite the proud look on his face—as if he had made the thing himself. "Not to shore just yet, but I’m sure there’s someone working on that as we speak. Should you need to send a message to land, there is a wireless room located on board."

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