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can we talk about the interesting faces Anna makes around Kristoff

justtoliveoneday whispered: Dear father

Dearest Papa,
                           I have always loved you, and I believe I will always continue to do so, even though you’re no longer here by my side. And I never thought I’d find myself thinking this, but I’m glad of it. With you still here, I wouldn’t have my sister back, or the control you so desperately wanted me to have all those years. Thirteen years of misery solved in the span of less than a week, who would have thought?
     The answer was love, Papa. Love of the power, and of myself. You concentrated on the fear, ignoring how I internalised it. It was my own fear, not just the fear of others, that stopped me from gaining a grasp over the magic. I know you believed you were doing what was best, but you were so blind. When I was young, and the magic was a game, I had the ability to command it - how could you miss that?
     I can thaw my creations as well know. I have no idea if that’s the result of the control, or the powers growing, but it’s very handy. Some of them are also alive, an ability I’m still studying. 
     What you did to me and Anna was wrong. I can see that now - although I’m sure we’ve both seen it for a long, long time. It nearly killed us both in the end. But you raised one well adjusted daughter, at least. Anna saved us all, saved Arendelle from an eternal winter of my making. She is the best thing in my life, and will probably continue to be for some time.
     I want to say I don’t blame you for what you did to us, but I do. I was a child, a helpless child who needed love and support and guidance, and you shut me behind a door, hoping I’d figure it out. I love you, but I’ll never forgive that. I needed my Papa and you gave me my King far too many times, until I broke. I’m still working through things - human contact is odd. Life without the gloves is both amazingly freeing and deeply terrifying. But Anna had been there for me, in a way I wish you could have been. 
     I never got to tell you the truth of all this before you left. And I so wish you could see us now. I hope one day we’ll both heal from our hurt enough to forgive you for what happened.
     But above all of that, you were my Papa. When I got to spend afternoons with you, or we had our talks, even as I got older, you were my Papa. ‘Father’ was always too formal. Forever my comforter and protector, you did what you did out of love, not malice. And even if I can’t let it go, I understand that much. Because if I inherited anything from you, it was that. You were the king, and sometimes Arendelle had to come first, but you were never distant. I never doubted I was loved. And that always made it easier to stay on this Earth, even on my darkest days.
     I miss you so, Papa.  
     All my love,

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fugitives | elsa-anna-and-apples


There was a moment where Anna was wide-eyed, heart beating fast in her chest, clutching for her sister. For all she knew, there were wolves all around her. It was dark. 

But her sister’s words were there. And her sister’s cool hands were there, and for a moment, she wondered if she had heard the howl in her head. 

She was asleep again before she could think further, a moaned sigh escaping her lips.

But were the two actually safe?

Thank God she had been staring into the dark for too long already. Otherwise she may not have spotted the few pairs of glowing eyes staring at them in the darkness. Quite what they were being illuminated by, she didn’t know, but Elsa froze, sitting completely still.

"Anna," she breathed, shaking her sister’s shoulder to awake her again. "Anna, we have to go."

There was the bow and arrow and a gun in her pack - neither of which the ex-Queen knew how to use. Had she been a prince, she would have had some small chance, but princesses were no permitted to learn the ways of fighting, even if they were to be queen.

elsa-anna-and-apples whispered: LIttle thing. (Anna)



"Papa’s gonna be mad at me."

At her father’s nod of affirmation, Anna let out another small gasp, and buried her face into her sister, as if trying to escape the inevitable. 

The King sighed. It would be best to get this over and done with. The two of them had waited long enough to begin with. “Come now, Anna, it’ll be over and done with soon enough.” 

Even though she had definitely feared such a punishment for herself - especially after only receiving something similar the other night - the news still made Elsa’s stomach drop. And even if it might be over and done with soon, it was still going to be done. And that was horrible enough. 

And so when her father reached for her, she nearly burst into tears all over again. But when he lifted her, it was only to sit her on his lap - not over it.

queen-lilian-of-arendelle whispered: Lilian Iðunn



Elsa gets amnesia and forgets everything about Lilian.

The little girl looked curiously at the woman before her, tilting her head slightly. 

"Who’re you?" she asked at last, not used to seeing unfamiliar faces around the castle.

At first Lilian wasn’t sure if she should take Elsa’s hand. She didn’t want to scare her away, so it made her happy when Elsa decided to take her hand. When they finally arrived her husband’s study, she let Elsa go in first.

Releasing the woman’s hand, Elsa stepped forward to knock on her father’s door, calling a tentative, “Papa?”

The king had always assured her that she could come to him for anything, but the princess still became a little nervous when it came to knocking on the door and interrupting his work. At his invitation to come in, she grabbed Lilian’s hand again, pulling her inside the office.


Once Lilian and Anna got on the queen’s horse -Anna was too mad at Elsa to ride with her- they rode home together. Actually Anna was mad at her whole family, but she didn’t want to walk home. And Anna didn’t say a word the whole time until they were home again.

Espen seemed to almost sense his rider’s mood, and was a little restless before Elsa could set off after her parents. Like Anna, she was angry with her whole family. For ten years, she’d made sacrifices, and none of them seemed to realise it. It was her parents idea that had backfired, not hers. And so she remained in a stormy silence, looking away from her father’s pointed gaze.


A few minutes later -or was it hours?- they finally reached the exit of this tunnel. After giving Elsa the torch again, she slowly and carefully opened the sealed exit. “Elsa, you stay here. I’ll look if the coast is clear.” She said as she slipped out of the tunnel.

Taking the torch again, Elsa rested against the rough wall again, worry for her mother’s safety painting her features. Even though the queen wouldn’t see, she nodded and bit down hard on her lip. All the walking had done nothing good for her wound, and neither had not cleaning it or bandaging it properly. 

queen-lilian-of-arendelle whispered: "Elsa! What did you think when you were doing this?! You could be dead, you know that?! How many times have I told you that this is too dangerous and that you're not allowed to do this?! You're lucky that you got away with just some bruises and broken bones!"



"I’m sorry, Mama, I’m sorry," Elsa sobbed, clinging to her mother. There was pain radiating all over. She could very clearly see now why playing out on the balcony alone was not allowed, after her fall. "It hurts, Mama,” she cried, wishing the scolding was over.

"Easy. You don’t play. You and Elsa stay with papa and me. We’ll keep an eye on you two and you stay there and think about what you did. And no dessert for you two."

"What?!" Cried Anna suddenly and wanted tp protest. "For a month."

"No, you can’t do that! That’s unfair!"

"Anna…" Said the queen warningly, while Anna pouted and kept quiet.

Elsa hoped she’d at least be allowed to read or do other quiet things, like her drawing. Because sitting there, under her parents gaze, for hours and hours, was surely going to send her mad. But that would be no comfort to Anna - she was still learning her alphabet.

"And Papa might make it worse," the princess mumbled to her sister, twisting her fingers, and looking down at them. She certainly was not looking forward to facing her father. 

At last, she looked up at her mother sadly. “Will I still be allowed to read, Mama?”