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The girl looked at that hand, before looking back up at Elsa. 

"Yeah," she said, a smile on her face, "you’re right, he’ll be back." 

It didn’t take much to get Anna’s positivity flying out of her mouth. Her mind was a bit harder to dive into though.

But that’s why she worked on that part herself. 

Stretching a bit once more, Anna decided to try and get up… and found her legs still a little shaky for the task, but managing all the same—though there was a bit of a balancing act happening. 

"Tingly," she murmured, feeling the moss beneath her feet, "I didn’t know moss could be so comfy."

Elsa’s face was immediately concerned as Anna stood up. She couldn’t get up herself to steady her, even though her arms were held up as if she could. But once she was sure Anna was not going to fall, she let her hands drop a little. 

"Well, you’ve been lying down for some time," Elsa teased, smiling. At mention of the moss, she looked at the stuff. "Neither did I, to be quite honest. They’ve done well with what they have."

Yes, the moss had been comfortable. But, oh, she’d give anything to sleep in her own bed again. 

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"Gerda~!" Anna sang with a giggle and a little hop. "She needed help putting books away this morning and I helped. She said I did a good job, and she gave me lots of sweets for helping!"

Anna wouldn’t mention that she still had a bunch of them saved. Nope, nobody needed to know that.

"Why am I not surprised?" Elsa chuckled, swinging her little sister’s arm. "Well, it was very nice of you to help her. I’m sure she appreciated that."

Most princesses wouldn’t be seen dead helping the staff, nevermind talk about it with others. Elsa truly did have a very sweet sister. 

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It seemed that her captive was having a rather difficult time controlling her actions. From the ice that spread across the floor, to the spikes and overall chill in the air, the Snow Queen’s powers were already proving themselves to be strong…which was exactly what Regina needed.


"Nothing too far fetched…" The brunette chuckled, "…you’re going to kill someone for me. You’ll freeze her heart, and keep her secluded. That way, no act of ‘true love’ will get in my way."

Silence. Elsa stared at the Queen in shock, eyes wide. How could she even ask her such a thing? Was she completely mad? Well, Elsa had to suppose her title of ‘evil’ had to come from somewhere. But this… A frozen heart was slow and painful, Anna had told her. At the Queen’s insistence. 

"No," she said firmly. "I am not a murderer. You shall not use me to—to kill someone. No, forget it.” Her eyebrows were set in a determined look, and her position was one she would not back down from. “If you thought I would agree to such a thing, then you have vastly misjudged me.”

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Anonymous ;  
Have you ever had a wet-dream as a teenage? [Uh! uh! If so, can you make a little verse about it, like waking up after the dream or something? Cheers!]

I’m assuming by ‘verse’ you actually mean ‘drabble’, since that is not something to dedicate a whole verse to. 

And honestly, anon? I’d rather not answer questions like these. Sorry. 

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Message a Headcanon you have about my character and I’ll tell you how accurate you are!



Hell if it isn’t already a headcanon and is accurate, I’ll make it a headcanon.


[Headcanons are a thing of beauty]

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i like how when i disagree with characterisations and interpretations i go and yell about them at kat

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     They were hard words to admit to her mother. They were hard words to admit to anyone, but especially to her. But they had been firing around her mind for weeks, months… years. It was time they left the confines of her head. 

     ”I don’t want to live anymore.”

     They were quiet, spoken more into the pillow than directly to the queen. But they were out there now, hanging between them. Elsa buried her head in the fabric of her pillowcase, unable to look her Mama in the eyes. 

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     Curled up on her bed, Elsa’s shoulders still shook. How could they just go behind her back like this? They knew why she had always objected. They knew. And they did it anyway. Without even consulting her.

     And now her Mama was here. In the move of a teenager, she turned over so her back was to her mother. Why should she continue to be polite?

     ”I don’t want to get married!” she cried, curling up tighter, sobs coming out hard and loud after her words. 

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